Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having issue with the rotation of my iphone photos?

Currently Iphone photos are not fully supported but don't worry we are working on this. For now if you rotate the image in your gallery first then try again this should work for the mean time. But don't worry we will have a iphone fix in no time.


How long does it take to receive my items?

Generaly allow 3 working days , additional time for rural addresses

What is Direct To Garment Printing (DTG)?

A Special printer direcly applies the ink onto the t-shirt with inkjet technology. which ensures a precise design using  endless variations of colour , all for the same price,

The water based inks are  directly absorbed  into the garment fibres, which makes the garment machine washable, and able to withstand the heat of  a standard domestic drier, 

You can wash and dry the garment the same as standard items of clothing.

I have a voucher code - how do I use it?

You click redeem voucher up the top of the page and enter the code. Once the code has been accepted then it will be applied automatically on the checkout.

How do I apply to use as a fund raising initative?

A fantastic fundraising idea, everybody needs tees, email to apply to receive a referal code,  state what you are fundraising for ,  and the number of people you will be contacting with the  offering . Should your application be accepted , we email you  a referal code , which you simply email your contacts with , we will also supply  a brief description of the service to assist you ,to explain the process.Once your contacts click on the link you are automatically identified as the recipient of $5 per tee or gift voucher purchased , too easy,  7 days after the date of referal , we pay the $5 comission into your nominated bank account -  should you choose  to have the combined Tee shirt orders sent directly to you to distribute  rather than us send direct to your clients , you can earn another $4 per order = $9 total ( gst inc)

I am a budding artist how do I  showcase my designs for people to purchase ?

We fully support unique creative designs and to assist you in your pursuit of art. , we can set up a gallery of your images , and provide you with a code you can email people with to access your designs to upload onto  their  selected shirts . You can earn $5 ( gst inc) commission for every shirt sold  that uses your designs,  you can earn another $4 per shirt , if  we deliver orders to you for you to distribute the stock your self rather than us sending  direct to the individual purchasers addresses 

Is their any limitation to artwork used?

We will print almost any artwork , as long as not pornagraphic or  promoting hate speech, we assume , you have checked with appropriate organisations that you are able to use any submitted artwork , please check our terms and conditions. 

Are there other style garments available?

Only black and white mens tees are shown on the site at present , however  there  will be in the near fututre  additional styles available, if you have a quantity order , we offer a variety of other garments as well and also additional decorating techniques . email for more information, we are super friendly and informative,  or call (09) 412 6235 

Is there a discount for a quantity order?

For quantites of 10 x or more please contact  for a quote, detailing the quantity , profile and artwork concerned 

Are there additional decorating techniques available?

Smashing threads is able to also embroider, screen print, an dlaser engrave fabrics as well, generally for higher quantities , but please contact us for a quotation

Is there discount pricing for quantity purchases

For larger orders more than 6 x units, feel free to contact , as long as been sent to the same address you could save up to  $4.00 per shirt

Who are Smashing Threads?

Smashing Threads is a subsidiary of Smashing Promotions ( est 1995)  who has been servicing the corporate and retail market in excess of 25 years , With a wealth of experience, they can assist you producing a custom designed garment to stand out from the  crowd.  Smashing Promotions are also proud sponsors of the  antibully and  helping Monarch butterfly initiative .Please take a look . Supporting Youthline and the  Monarch butterfly trust . it is a worth while cause, and you will get to have butterflies visit your garden . 

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